About: Ed Weill

I have been programming now for over 6 years and really enjoy making pages work.

Feature: Play BreakOut

This game is only 7.5K written in Director 7
with nothing in the score and only 1 cast member!


Clicking on the game will start a ball decending toward the bottom. The paddle will move left and right with your mouse. You must move the paddle so that the ball does not exit the bottom of the game. The ball will bounce off of the paddle, but if the strike point is near the edges of the paddle, the ball will bounce at an angle toward that side. The ball will destroy the targets on impact but will also bounce off the target. As targets are destroyed the ball will move faster. Loosing a game will start the ball out slower in the next game. Winning a game will start the ball out faster in the following game.


Try the Demo Application

The Demo App is a CD application that I ported to shockwave for the web.
It is pretty big, but was alot of fun to make.


First you set the "settee depth" to between 10 and 30, clicking and typing, Then you press the "GO" button (middle bottom). Next, Select a series of furniture (use your cursor on the the arrow next to the series marker). Once you have chosen a furniture series, you can drag and drop them with the mouse. Go ahead and play with choosing and moving the furnature. You are building a lane of a bowling alley, with chairs, ball return, etc.